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A Lesson In Environmental Bravery From the Chinese Citizens

The citizens of China rarely protest in the streets, they mostly take to writing angry articles or comments online in frustration. However, the recent environmental decline has brought the people out of their houses and off of their computers to tell the government how they really feel. The failings of environmental authorities have caused widespread damage throughout China, and the people are searching for an answer.
China has long suffered from pollution, being overcrowded and not environmentally smart. The environmental protection officials continue to defend themselves against the cases saying that they could not have possibly been caused by environmental authorities failing, but the people know better and are starting to demand change. Political advance has long taken priority over environmental care with officials leaving large chemical plants open that have been proven to be a massive threat to the health of the citizens. This is just one example of how the environmental authorities have failed to protect China against itself, and the people are outraged as sickness is growing and health is declining.

Political success over environmental care can be a problem in every government, and even here in America we’ve seen such cases. However, the people can change the priorities of the government with enough hard work and effort. I think there is a lot of credit due to the people of China for braving the protest, especially in a country where “freedom of speech” does not exactly exist. Those are the brave citizens who choose to stand up for what is right, and hopefully, we will see them change the world.

If this was happening in your country, how would you retaliate? What steps can we take here to help the people of China fight for their environmental freedom?