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A Book of My Own with CASA Indianapolis

As we expand on our A Book of My Own just cause, what brings us the most joy is being able to both share our appreciation for reading while making a child feel special.

On February 12th, The Justice Project in collaboration with the Herbert Simon Family Foundation presented Child Advocates of Indianapolis 300 books to Marion County foster children.  These books were handed out with the intention that this gift will serve as a launching pad for further learning and a reminder that someone was thinking of “me.”

A press briefing was held with Child Advocates Director Cindy Booth, The Justice Project Executive Director Noah benShea, Honorable Judge Marilyn Moores, Rachel Simon of the Herbert Simon Family Foundation and State CASA Director Leslie Dunn.

Just wanted to say “Thank you” again for the books, especially after I heard this story from one of our advocates:

She said she went to visit some of the youth she represents and had selected books for each of them. Unbeknownst to her, their brother was there. When he saw the books for his teen sisters, he said, “Where’s MY book?”  Alane, the advocate came back to the office to tell me the story, and I told her to mail him the book so that he would not only receive “a book of his own” but receive his first FedEx delivery ever.

Thanks for all that you are doing!  Cindy

Cynthia K. Booth, Esq.
Executive Director
Child Advocates, Inc.

You can view further press coverage of the event here and here.

THANK YOU to Curious Cup for choosing the best books. If you are in the Santa Barbara area, make sure you check our Kiona and her wonderful bookstore!

Do you know of some kids that might benefit from our A Book of My Own just cause? Contact us to see if it might be a good fit.