Can a Cap Be Placed on the Incomes of the Super-Rich?

By Sam Pizzigati, Polity Books ~ Truthout ~ Is there a means to eliminate the financial class of the super-rich? Would this help reduce income inequality were it come to pass? Sam Pizzigati makes the case that the answer is “yes” in his book, The Case for a Maximum Wage. The following is an excerpt from the book. Economists and epidemiologists, psychologists and political scientists: Researchers from multiple disciplines have…

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Forward Together With the Poor People’s Campaign

By Elizabeth Warren ~ Common Dreams People living in poverty across the United States?—?from California to Kentucky to Michigan to West Virginia?—?told us their stories On June 12th, 2018, Reverend William J. Barber II hosted a discussion on poverty for members of Congress. People living in poverty across the United States?—?from California to Kentucky to Michigan to West Virginia?—?told us their stories. We heard from a victim of a predatory…

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How Rising Inequality is Stalling Economies by Crippling Demand

By Stephen Bell ~ The Conversation Rising inequality is a concern across the developed economies, including Australia where top earners’ pay has soared to a 17-year high while ordinary workers’ wage growth has been the lowest on record. And that’s ultimately bad news for economic growth. This is longer than the usual Conversation article, so allow some time to read and enjoy. ________________________________________ In the last decade or more, economic…

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Why the War on Poverty in the US Isn’t Over, in 4 Charts

By Robert L. Fischer ~ The Conversation On July 12, President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers concluded that America’s long-running war on poverty “is largely over and a success.” I am a researcher who has studied poverty for nearly 20 years in Cleveland, a city with one of the country’s highest rates of poverty. While the council’s conclusion makes for a dramatic headline, it simply does not align with the…

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Imagining an Economy That Serves the 99%

By Tim Koechlin Common Dreams Those who benefit most from the status quo spend a lot of money to persuade the rest of us that this – an economy that serves the top 1% — is good for us and, in fact, the best we can do The United States is among the richest societies ever. But despite all of its productivity, all of its abundance, and all of its…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | The Giving Generation

The Giving Generation

During a challenging economic time the ME ME ME generation is surprising trend forecasters by doing the opposite of what some might think. Instead of being stingy with their money, they are time and time again opening their wallets. But the Millennials are not opening their wallets for just any given reason. This generation is participating, and participating fully in the sharing economy and opening their wallets for social projects which…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | How much should I tip?

How Much Should I Tip?

We have all had that experience… the time when the bill shows up at our table and we open it and determine how much we are going to tip. We probably start to go through questions in our minds, how often was my water filled? Was my food cold? Were they nice? And from that we judge, we judge what we should leave this person who serves us, the buss…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | The Fiercest Liberal in Justice

The Fiercest Liberal in Justice

Often when we think about justice what first comes to mind isn’t a specific environmental, educational, economic or social justice, it is the justice system. And highest of high courts in that justice system, least for the United States is the Supreme Court. How often do we think about their rulings when we think about justice? Typically we think of the system as a whole, but there are a group…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | NOW and Economic Justice

NOW and Economic Justice

The Justice Project is here to be a resource for your causes, and on a recent search of latest economic justice stories we came across this list from the National Organization for Women highlighting economic issues for women. What we love about this as a resource is all the links they have of topics relating to women and economic justice. You are easily able to scroll through and see if…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Martin Luther King Jrs Dream of Economic Justice

Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream of Economic Justice

When most people hear the name Martin Luther King Jr they think of the “I have a dream” speech with the profound social justice impact. But what many people don’t think about is how Martin Luther King Jr’s speech was not only profound from a social justice standpoint, but almost more so from an economic justice perspective. August 28th will mark the 50th year anniversary of the monumental March on…

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