Hurricane season not only brings destruction and death but rising inequality too

By Junia Howell ~ The Conversation ~ Hurricane Lane, which drenched Hawaii with four feet of rain, is a reminder of the devastation hurricane season can bring. Only one year ago Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston, followed closely by Irma and Maria, which left a trail of destruction across Florida and Puerto Rico. Despite the private and government aid provided after these disasters, thousands continue to struggle even today. However, not…

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The Power of City Camping

By Allison Torres Burtka ~ Sierra ~ Until the last couple of months, no one had used Detroit’s sole campground in more than a decade. In May, the first group of kids arrived to set up camp. The site, unbeknownst to most Detroiters, is nestled in the city’s 1,184-acre Rouge Park. Just three years ago, Scout Hollow, once a staple of local Boy Scouts’ camping regimens, was overgrown. That’s when…

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‘Major Victory for Public Health’: Court Orders Trump EPA to Ban Pesticide That Harms Kids’ Brains

By Jessica Corbett ~ Common Dreams ~ “Children, farmworkers, rural families, and science are all huge winners today… EPA’s job is to protect public health, not industry profits.” In a “major victory for public health,” the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on Thursday ruled the Trump administration illegally blocked a ban on chlorpyrifos—a pesticide linked to brain development delays in children and nervous systems issues for all…

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The U.S. Government Tried to Stop These Kids’ Lawsuit Over Climate Change. It Didn’t Work

By Annie Reneau ~ Upworthy ~ Since 2015, 21 young people aged 8 to 20 have been engaged in Juliana v. the United States, a lawsuit over climate change. The plaintiffs argue that the federal government has not taken sufficient action to battle catastrophic climate change and that the dire future of the planet infringes on their constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They contend that…

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As Electricity Returns to Puerto Rico, Its People Want More Power

By Larry Greenemeier, Louis Dzierzak ~ Scientific American The island has long-term plans to make its main public electrical grid smarter as residents turn to solar power and microgrids for faster relief A nine-month, $3.8-billion effort to end the longest blackout in U.S. history has restored power to much of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately though, this year’s Atlantic hurricane season is underway and the still-fragile electrical grid is unlikely to fare…

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Climate Change and Vulnerable Communities — Let’s Talk About This Hot Mess.

By Talia Buford ~ ProPublica ~ In my first episode of this PBS Digital Studios show, I dissect why minorities and disadvantaged people will face bigger consequences in a warming world. Climate change will impact us all, no matter who we are or where we live. But that doesn’t mean it will hit us equally. Climate change may not discriminate, but people do. As a reporter at ProPublica, my focus…

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How Young Activists Hope to Make Climate Change a Political Priority

By Amy Sisk ~ StateImpact Pennsylvania Standing in the middle of a grassy field just outside Pittsburgh, Anaïs Peterson recalled the years she spent playing soccer here. “That’s the goal you always want,” she said, nodding to the east. A mile beyond that goalpost in Indiana Township lies a natural gas well pad that didn’t exist during her soccer days. “It’s like 2 miles from two schools, a daycare, a…

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Could Air Pollution be Linked to Higher Crime Rates?

By Gary Haq ~ CityMetric The impact of air pollution on human health is well-documented. We know that exposure to high levels of air pollutants raises the risk of respiratory infections, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer as well as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But there is growing evidence to suggest that air pollution does not just affect our health – it affects our behaviour too. Lead was removed from petrol…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Climate Justice: A Fight for Equal Opportunity

Climate Justice: A Fight for Equal Opportunity

By Gina McCarthy and Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. (Cross-posted from EPAConnect) Fifty years ago, Americans facing racial injustice marched the 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, to protest discriminatory voting laws.  It was a watershed moment in the Civil Rights Movement, influencing the passage of the Voting Rights Act, and forever redefining and improving our cherished values of freedom and fairness.  February marks Black History Month—a time to reflect…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Santa Barbara Earth Day

Hometown Environmental Justice

Honoring our charter to be an advocate of environmental justice, The Justice Project was proud to be a sponsor of Earth Day Festival produced by the Community Environmental Council in our hometown of Santa Barbara, California. While the crowd was estimated at 35,000 visitors, the experience each of us has with our planet is uniquely individual. And so too was my experience in slowly walking Alameda Park and enjoying the colors,…

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