THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | A Book of My Own Helps Launch Little Outdoor Libraries

A Book of My Own Helps Launch Little Outdoor Libraries

The Justice Project’s Book of My Own and Literacy Project was recently invited to play a wonderful role in the “Little Outdoor Libraries” kick-off event hosted by the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara. “Little Outdoor Libraries” will provide low-income youth residing in public housing access to a wide variety of books. The Justice Project and our Book of My Own project provided brand new books to each of the children in…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Santa Barbara Earth Day

Hometown Environmental Justice

Honoring our charter to be an advocate of environmental justice, The Justice Project was proud to be a sponsor of Earth Day Festival produced by the Community Environmental Council in our hometown of Santa Barbara, California. While the crowd was estimated at 35,000 visitors, the experience each of us has with our planet is uniquely individual. And so too was my experience in slowly walking Alameda Park and enjoying the colors,…

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The Justice Project | making a just difference | Blog | What Does Justice Mean

What Does Justice Mean?

As Executive Director of The Justice Project I feel I have been remiss in not writing something about what justice means to me. I don’t think I’ve been avoiding the challenge. I do think that, like a lot of us, I have a more intuitive sense of justice than an articulated one. And if asked to explain justice, you too may find yourself at a loss for a precise definition.…

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The Justice Project | making a just difference | Blog | Food for Food's Sake

Food for Food’s Sake

Often times a writer will sit down to a blank screen, look at the clean space and wonder where to begin. Perhaps being a little less gracious and a little more honest, someone once said that a writer is someone who sits down to work and prays for the phone to ring. Putting the humor aside, there is a topic of conversation that I have avoided.  And now I need…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Things Dont have to be Good for you to be Great

Things Don’t Have To Be Good For Us To Be Great

Some years ago on a car ride from Jerusalem to Caesarea, the question arose between others and myself as to what constituted “civilization.” The dialogue argued for art, music, good food, good conversation, and even good company. All of which struck me as civilized but not necessarily the defining features of a civilized society.  But it did get me thinking and turns these thoughts. The root of the word compassion…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Crying in Cairo

Crying in Cairo

Under the law of full-disclosure, commercial television stations must tell the viewer when their station has a financial interest in something they are reporting. So, with full-disclosure in mind, let me report that I am not an expert in any way, shape, or form on the matters I am commenting on herein. What I am is a human being watching torment in another corner of the world and not willing…

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The Justice Project | Blog | Weeping Florida

Weeping in Florida

In 1950, the famed Japanese film director Akira Kurosowa made a movie titled Rashomon. In this film three people from different backgrounds are sitting out a rainstorm in an old gatehouse. As the weather beats down on them, they are remembering the tale of a woman who is raped and her husband killed. The three tell a similar story but each with a different viewpoint of the incident, each revealing…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | What Justice Means to Me with Angelo Barefoot Pookie White | Just Us

Just Us

The Justice Project is launching a new video series called “What Justice Means to Me.” Through this initiative The Justice Project initiates a dialogue about justice from outside of academic parameters and normative social boundaries. The new direction of this dialogue begins with The Justice Project’s Executive Director’s, Noah benShea, video interview of a founder of the infamous Crips street gang, Angelo “Barefoot Pookie” White. Set in Angelo’s home in Watts, California,…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Life is Not a Walk in the Park So Don't Forget to Take One

Life is not a walk in the park, so don’t forget to take one

One of the lessons that’s tough to learn when you’re young and impossible to forget as you get older is: Just because nothing is happening doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Every woman learns that pregnancy’s period of waiting has everything to do with giving birth. Yes, Ecclesiastes got it right: To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven. In the Torah (the Hebrew…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | What the World Needs Now Is

What the World Needs Now Is…

Respect, compromise, and motivation. We are going through an uneasy time, one of uprooting, change, and civil war. Nations are over-throwing their government, governments are over-throwing their nations, things are happening at a rapid pace and we have to keep up. Social justice, educational justice, economic, and environmental justice are all at risk, and it’s important to keep up our morals and ideals even in this time of constant hardship.…

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