How To Create An Inclusive Environment For LGBTQ Employees

By Janice Gassam ~ Forbes ~ The average full-time American works 47 hours per week, with approximately 90,000 hours of an individual’s life spent at work. With such a huge portion of our lives dedicated to our jobs, it is of ever-increasing importance that work is a place where we feel comfortable. Estimates indicate that approximately 46% of LGBTQ employees have not disclosed their LGBTQ identity to their employers. According…

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“The Price on Everything Is Love”: How a Detroit Community Overcomes a Lack of City Services

By Kevon Paynter ~ Yes! Magazine ~ A range of neighbor-to-neighbor efforts address basic needs, from healthcare to food access, that are going unmet by local government agencies. A multitude of voicemails and text messages from desperate neighbors flooded Jessica Ramirez’s cell phone on a brisk morning in October 2013. Winter was coming. Using social media to reach potential donors as well as those seeking help, Ramirez created a makeshift…

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Family Planning Is A Human Right

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage ~ IPS News Agency UNITED NATIONS, Jul 11 2018 (IPS) – It has been five decades since the international community affirmed the right to family planning but women still remain unable to enjoy this right, which is increasingly under attack around the world. For World Population Day, held annually on Jul. 11, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has focused its attention on “Family Planning is a…

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Here’s What’s Happening With Voter Registration Among Young People Since Parkland.

By Parker Molloy ~ Upworthy Historically, politicians have ignored youth voices because they don’t show up to the polls. But new data shows that might be changing. When it comes to voting, younger adults aren’t exactly known for their reliability, especially when compared with older populations. In 2016, the Census Bureau notes just 46.1% of Americans between ages 18 and 29 reported voting (58.7% of people 30 to 44, 66.6%…

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Immigration Story Missing Context of Hunger and Freedom

By Jane Regan ~ FAIR I teach journalism. So, of course, I follow journalism closely. On the immigration issue, many news outlets have been doing a great job covering the rallies and marches, the “baby jails” and rulings and (few) family reunifications. But they lack context. In the classroom, I emphasize that every news story—even a little one about a city sidewalk repair—must provide context. Why that sidewalk, why now?…

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The Privilege Of Being Arrested As A White Woman

By Mary Hutto ~ Huffpost Two weeks ago, I was one of more than 600 mostly white protesters arrested during the #WomenDisobey demonstration at the Hart Senate Office Building in downtown Washington, D.C. All of us were there for the same reason: to take a stand against the brutal immigration policies of President Donald Trump. I engaged in the demonstration knowing I would risk arrest, and with the expectation that I would…

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Justice Project Partners with County Leaders to Help Foster Youth Obtain Library Cards

We are THRILLED to announce we have partnered with the Santa Barbara County Libraries, Santa Barbara County Supervisor Janet Wolf, Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services and Court Appointed Special Advocates of Santa Barbara County to help foster youth obtain library cards. What started as a conversation with our Jordan benShea and Kim Davis (CASA of Santa Barbara County) Executive Director, about a young boy whose sole wish for summer…

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Why U Matter

Why U Matter™ Life is a busy business but every time the phone rings, you can’t be sure it is for you. And even those who believe they have a calling need to be sure the call is for them. Today I am writing you about a calling for which there can be no doubt. That call is from Healing Learning, a Social Purpose Corporation. And that call echoes The…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | People who are always right are usually wrong

People who are always right are usually wrong

As Executive Director of The Justice Project, I find myself sensitized to what those in the world around me think is just. Sadly, I have witnessed too many of us can’t discern what is just and what is just our opinion. The consequence of this is living in a contentious world of polarized “I am right” opinion and argument passing for conversation. And it got me thinking about the injustice served amidst all the shouting.…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | As if children mattered

As if Children Mattered

What would it be like if people who thought and spoke as if children mattered, also acted as if children mattered? Of course, the phrase “children matter” is used a lot. It is a political “go to” because who is going to stand up and say children don’t matter?

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