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Justice at the Rotary

Our Executive Director Noah benShea recently stopped by the Carpinteria Rotary Club to give a talk on The Justice Project and the powerful experiences we are having working with foster kids. Check out some of the press coverage below:

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The Justice Project | The Justice of Prevention | Blog | The Just and Unjust of Diabetes

The Just and Injust of Diabetes

It is rare when one meets a soul as wise, caring, and no nonsense as Dr. Lois Jovanovic. Her bio speaks to her public accomplishments; those who have been her patients, her colleagues, or in the circle of her dynamic “we can get this done” personality know we are blessed. Diabetes is an illness with far reaching lessons and warnings that we feel are well within our charter to make…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | The Tao of The Healthy Life with Traver Boehmn

The Justice of Prevention Part 1

To begin The Justice Project’s efforts in a preventive medicinal approach to the diabetes epidemic, we will be featuring a series of videos that address ways in which anyone can begin to live a healthier life.  The intention is that through healthy living one will be less likely to develop diabetes and, in this small way, The Justice Project hopes to make a just difference in the Justice of Prevention.…

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The Justice Project | making a just difference | Blog | Food for Food's Sake

Food for Food’s Sake

Often times a writer will sit down to a blank screen, look at the clean space and wonder where to begin. Perhaps being a little less gracious and a little more honest, someone once said that a writer is someone who sits down to work and prays for the phone to ring. Putting the humor aside, there is a topic of conversation that I have avoided.  And now I need…

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