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Education and The Creative Squash

My older sister went to college for four years, made friends, studied and worked hard, then graduated. She maintained excellent grades throughout all four years, and graduated with honors. When she returned home, she could not find a job for months. Many of her college friends still don’t have jobs. She was a singer and songwriter, and now she’s an admissions counselor. She still sings and writes amazing music, but it’s hard for her to succeed with her talent because she’s often drained from the efforts of her job.

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Our education system seems to have a creative squashing problem. Students who are natural writers, painters, dancers, singers, are told they will never succeed with their talent and go be accountants instead. “It’s too hard”, “the industry is crazy”, “there’s such a low chance of success”, these words are pounded into the minds of the creative as they grow up, which halts their talent.

What if we encouraged talent in schools, if we allowed children to learn the fundamentals in their own creative way? Let the writers use their words, the singers use their voices, and the dancers use their bodies. If we encouraged creativity, there would be jobs, because people would succeed in many different fields, not just medicine and law. Youth would create the jobs for themselves because they’d believe in their ability and talent. They would see the opportunity to succeed. What would we have it we allowed talent to rise? I think it’s worth finding out.

How do you think we encourage the creative talents of our children in school, while making sure they learn the fundamental principles for a successful life?