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My Environment

One of the real keys to making environmental justice issues relevant to people is finding a way to show the impact it has in their everyday lives. Recently we were poking around the Environmental Protection Agency website and we found a very cool tool called My Environment. You enter in your zip code and up pops a whole plethora of information, here is a example from our Santa Barbara zip code:

THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | My Environment

How cool is that? You can totally zero in on your pollution levels, your water, and it goes even deeper with many more areas to research further, AND the option to share your environment socially through Facebook and Twitter.

Click on the graphic below to link to the page where you put in your zip code:

THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | My Environment

We love this tool, what better way to improve environmental justice then by knowing your area so you can find out what needs to be done?

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How will you use this tool? What do you think is the most beneficial part?