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We’re Not Expected to Finish the Work but Neither are we Excused From it

Many of us have very blessed lives. And surely, to know we are blessed is also a blessing. But when any of us who are blessed weigh the gift of life, the question we need to ask is, “Have we sent our note of gratitude?”

No, not your mother’s thank note. In fact, this is not a thank you note at all. Certainly it is acknowledging appreciation but this note is nothing less than the character of honest self-interrogation. It is the moment where each of us ask ourselves: “Is the world, in some way, in some small way, a better place because I am here?”

Serving as Executive Director of The Justice Project does not give me a free ride. I still need to serve as a witness to this question. On some days I do better than other days. However, whether I do better than others is not my question.

How you do, is the question. At The Justice Project we are trying to make not just a difference but a just difference in an unjust world. Sometimes we make just a little difference. And sometimes making a little difference in life is all the difference it takes.

As you look around, please take the time to look at the little things you do that matter in a very big way. If you come up short, welcome to the club. We all have  work. We’re not expected to finish the work, but neither are we excused from it.

We have some very special efforts and alliances lined up for us at The Justice Project in the New Year. And we look for your company and support. After all, when any of us pass and seek entrance to the higher cosmos, we won’t be asked why we weren’t more like Gandhi or Mother Theresa. Heaven already has those saints. We will be asked why we weren’t our best self and nothing makes us better than trying to be a better person.

On this effort’s journey we welcome your company. It is an unjust world. And together we just might make a difference. If you have ideas on how we might make a difference together, pass them along. Because none of us get a free pass.

Any day is a good day to be Thanks Giving. And please accept our thanks for you.



Noah benShea
Executive Director, The Justice Project