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Hometown Environmental Justice

THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Santa Barbara Earth DayHonoring our charter to be an advocate of environmental justice, The Justice Project was proud to be a sponsor of Earth Day Festival produced by the Community Environmental Council in our hometown of Santa Barbara, California.

THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Santa Barbara Earth Day

The Justice Project Executive Director Noah benShea, with Bragg Live Foods Founder Patricia Bragg

While the crowd was estimated at 35,000 visitors, the experience each of us has with our planet is uniquely individual. And so too was my experience in slowly walking Alameda Park and enjoying the colors, the music, and the children that circled and wafted and invited me into a wonderful day.

Meeting the almost lyrical experience was the presence (Jordan put in here how many different booths there were) of so many just causes that informed, educated, and entertained.

Environmental justice and social justice – both arenas of importance to The Justice Project – are forever intertwined. Indifference to planet earth is also indifference to those who inhabit planet earth. And is this regard I am reminded of the Red Cross Moto: The greatest tragedy is indifference

THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Santa Barbara Earth Day

The Justice Project Executive Director Noah benShea supporting The Elephant Umbrella Fund helping save Asian Elephants

Here are some impressive totals showcasing the importance of the environment in our community:

37,364 People  attended Community Environmental Council (CEC)‘s Earth Day Festival 2014!

1,020 People valet-parked bikes (and an estimated 1,000 more rode in and self-parked).

380 People test drove an electric vehicle.

250 People volunteered their time and energy to build, run, clean up after and tear down the festival over five days.

794 People took a pledge to #driveless, #chooseelectric, #gosolar, #ditchplastic or #eatlocal. Pledges that, if fulfilled, would prevent approximately 1,631,130 pounds of greenhouse gas from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Caring for our planet is not a now or never reality. But, now is never again.

Noah benShea
Executive Director, The Justice Project

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