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How a Career in Technology Empowered This South African Woman

By Daniele Selby ~ Global Citizen

Soso Luningo grew up in a house without electricity; today she’s the head of an IT department.

Soso Luningo grew up in extreme poverty in a village near Port Elizabeth in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Her home was essentially a small shed with a leaky, corrugated metal roof, no electricity, and just one bed. Most of her family slept on the dirt floor.

But Soso was bright and determined, and had the full support of her parents in her quest to not just to survive her circumstances, but to thrive despite the many challenges she faced.

She focused on her education and won a scholarship to a university in Johannesburg, where she also enrolled in the Cisco Networking Academy. The networking academy, supported by international technology company Cisco, provides students with opportunities to build the skills they need to pursue a career in technology.

At first, people around Soso questioned her interest in a career in technology, which had traditionally been a man’s field.

“How are you going to deal with a computer? You’re a girl,” people told her. “How are you going to fix theses things?”

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