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Ideas City 2013; Innovators Working Towards Environmental Justice

Ideas City, founded by the New Museum, is scheduled to take place May 1-4 2013 in downtown New York. This incredible festival combines innovators from all over the world who have pitched “greener” ideas for the future city. The theme of this year’s event is “Untapped Capital”, as Ideas City focuses on using natural resources that may be underutilized. As we all know, there has been a lot of talk about certain resources that we’re running out of and panic circling those depleted resources. Ideas City aims to turn that negativity around, and allow people to focus on the positive resources that we haven’t touched and how they can be used to improve the way we affect our environment.

There is a bit of competition involved, as contestants compete for the most creative, environmentally friendly structure to replace the standard exhibition tent. The structure must be temporary and allow for many varieties of public gatherings. Contestants must complete the design, management, and construction of this structure, and the winner will have his/her structure displayed during the festival along the Bowery near the New Museum. (To enter the competition, apply here)

At The Justice Project, we love seeing gatherings like this pop up all over the country. Young and experienced minds alike coming together to recognize the value of our environment, and working together to make a difference is so inspiring. Especially when there’s a prize at the end! We’re looking forward to seeing the winner of the Ideas City 2013 challenge, and can’t wait to hear about all of the innovative ideas that come forward!


What ideas do you have for a sustainable, temporary structure? If you had the chance to attend this festival, what creative plans would you propose to benefit our environmental justice? 

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