‘It Is a Disgrace That Our Public Schools Are So Poorly Funded’

By Janine Jackson ~ FAIR ~

As we record on January 16, the strike by more than 30,000 Los Angeles teachers is entering its third day. The decision to go on strike is never a whimsical one; the union, United Teachers Los Angeles, hasn’t had a strike in nearly 30 years.

Coverage appears to be deepening as the labor action continues, but corporate media’s initial response consisted of headlines like the New York Times’ “Los Angeles Teachers Strike, Disrupting Classes for 500,000 Students,” and CNN‘s “The Los Angeles Teacher Strike May Already Have Cost Millions. And It’s Only Day 2.”  The sort of old-school, “owners offer, unions demand” language that has marked media treatment of labor for decades.

Here to help us see what’s behind this momentous collective action by LA educators is Kent Wong, director of the UCLA Labor Center and vice president, currently, of the California Federation of Teachers.

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