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The Justice of Prevention Part 1

To begin The Justice Project’s efforts in a preventive medicinal approach to the diabetes epidemic, we will be featuring a series of videos that address ways in which anyone can begin to live a healthier life.  The intention is that through healthy living one will be less likely to develop diabetes and, in this small way, The Justice Project hopes to make a just difference in the Justice of Prevention.

Traver Boehm grew up in in Connecticut and Japan, where he developed a lifelong devotion to a physically active lifestyle.  Specifically, he began studying martial arts and playing aquatic sports.  The latter would stay with him in college, where he played water polo for Boston College (graduating with a B.A. in Philosophy and Asian Studies). Upon graduation, Traver  moved to California and worked in a range of professions, including real estate entrepreneurship, personal security for high-profile clients, and professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting

However, he was stuck with the nagging question: “What is my true calling and how can I live it?” After ample reflection, Traver decided he wanted to dedicate himself to empowering people to live the healthiest lives possible.

As a consequence, Traver enrolled in the masters program at Yo-San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and while looking for a way to cross-train in preparation for MMA fights, he discovered CrossFit.  Upon seeing the effectiveness of this workout program, Traver become a certified personal trainer and continues to develop unique workout routines for his clients and himself.

With his college water-polo teammate, Eric Malzone, Traver opened CrossFit Pacific Coast in Santa Barbara, CA on June 22, 2009. Traver’s unique training and background provides him with an understanding of movement, strength, conditioning, human health and performance.  He is, therefore, able to provide current and potential clients with a robust philosophy of healthy habits that they can apply to every aspect of their life.

The healthy habits in his own life revolve around spending time with his wife, continuing to train and coach at CrossFit Pacific Coast, surfing the world famous break at Rincon, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Paragon martial arts academy, and writing a bi-weekly column for Breaking Muscle.