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Limits on Education Widen as Online Programs Grow

The large amount of free online classes introduced on college campuses have given educators a new incentive to create an easier platform for students to complete their education on time. Many students arrive on campus with significant remedial work to be done before they can begin regular credit-earning classes. This can lead to a large amount of tuition fees, and essentially, more debt for the student. The availability of free online courses not only helps the student to stick to their projected graduation date, but also save money on those extra classes that would have topped off their student loans.

education, online classes, studentsMany argue that online courses provide students with a lower quality of education than being in a classroom setting, and that students are more prone to distractions when they are learning at home. However, most universities are equipping the students with online mentors who will assist them in completing their courses, giving students the personal attention that can sometimes make the difference between failure and success in their education.

Online education not only helps the students, but also helps the state funded institutions who are struggling with higher education budget cuts. Shrinking state budgets have begun to take a toll on public institutions, reducing the amount of seats available in many classes that are required for students to complete. In California alone, higher budget cuts have left hundreds of thousands of students without classes that they need. Online education solves both problems, and in my opinion, is an excellent step towards the future.

What do you think is the next step in online education? Would you take a full degree program online? Why or why not?