THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | How much should I tip?

How Much Should I Tip?

We have all had that experience… the time when the bill shows up at our table and we open it and determine how much we are going to tip. We probably start to go through questions in our minds, how often was my water filled? Was my food cold? Were they nice? And from that we judge, we judge what we should leave this person who serves us, the buss people who clean the tables and the cooks who cook our meals. We judge based on what we have been taught, or our personal experiences. And how often how we found ourselves determining the worth of a waiter’s effort based on how we are personally feeling in our financial situation?

How much to tip is consistently a hot topic around the table,we found this infographic and thought it was a perfect fit for an economic justice post. What if we were to raise the wags of tipped workers, would it change the amount that you tip if you knew they were being paid more?

THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | How much should I tip?

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