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Not in Having but in Giving

Even as the best in us remembers how much we have to be thankful for, Thanksgiving is a reminder ethical elevation is not in having but in giving. Having thanks for our life can make a difference in our life. Giving thanks can make more than just a difference; it can make a just difference. And a just difference can make all the difference.

Knowing we have a great life and are thankful is important. Giving others a chance to have a great life is the maturation of importance.

Giving thanks is not something promised to give others. Giving thanks is giving our word to honor our self.

Giving thanks begins with having gratitude for the best in us and matriculates to personal transformation when we give the best in us a chance to be born.

Giving thanks is not something we have to find the time to do but begins with giving ourselves back the moments we are too inclined to give away in the rush of making our way.

Giving thanks is not something we have to do. Giving thanks is something we give ourselves the right to do because it is the right thing to do.

Giving thanks is not self-flattering gossip we have to tell others. Giving thanks is something we are enriched to give others.

Having thankfulness in our life is not about having this season’s moral style. Giving thanks is never out of style and the reverse always out of style.

Having thankfulness can give us a boost in life. Giving thanks is a rising tide that lifts all boats.

We live on a little blue ball spinning in space at 1070 miles an hour. Any of us can find or lose our balance at any moment. Finding our balance is never mission accomplished. Find balance between having and giving in your life. And give thanks.

Peace and blessings,


Noah benShea
Executive Director, THE JUSTICE PROJECT