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Nothing is Permanent

The world is constantly evolving. Bit of a cliché statement at this point, but true nonetheless. People have shifted, their priorities have changed, and their morals have altered. In the America we live in today, the most value is seemingly placed on things that are not, in fact, valuable at all. We are ruled by the media; reality TV shows, fashion, wealth. While those can all be fine interests, they certainly are not things of high value.

While watching a documentary on The White House, I heard someone say “nothing is permanent”. Although this is a very general statement, I think it is one that can be directly applied to our society today. The American people, as hardworking as they are, seem to have the idea that once they have elected a President, the work is over. The next four years are predetermined by the President elect’s campaign, and from then on they don’t have to even think about politics until the next election. This philosophy is a poor one, and will do nothing but destroy us.

If we don’t start looking passed our false, reality TV show world soon, we are bound to find ourselves in a mess of trouble that we have to dig to get out of. I think what people need to focus on the most is that the government is made up of human beings, not superheroes. The men and women of congress, the President and Vice President, as prestigious as they are, they’re still human beings. Humans are prone to making mistakes, even if they mean well and have good hearts, sound minds. Humans are still humans, and it is our job to make sure that we elect the correct people, not their job to be androids and never make mistakes.

Here at The Justice Project, we aim to supply the people with the resources they need to protect themselves and their families. We advise people to care enough about themselves to be educated on what’s going on in their government. If nothing else, we just ask the question, how permanent is the most current TV show, and how permanent is this country’s history? I think we’ll find that the history of The United States is the more valuable choice, and as much as the world changes grabbing us in its storm, we must stay focused on our most important job: running this country.

How would you teach people to look at the realities of government, and make an educated decision?