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Obama’s Address to the Syrian People; Aid and Justice

A few days ago, President Obama addressed the people of Syria in a short video promising millions of dollars in aid from The United States. He spoke of hope for a new Syria, democracy, and justice for the people. The President also touched on the fall of Assad, and described the opposition taking over the government and providing Syrians a chance to make their own future.

Controversy is high around the Syrian war and The United States’ part in it, but all we can do is hope that our hands have been guided by the humble spirit of justice and that those in need will see brighter days.

Watch this video and put yourself in the shoes of the Syrians who are hungry, have been displaced from their homes, and are patiently, but desperately, waiting for this war to end.

Would this address give you hope and peace? What would be your first steps to helping the innocent and needy in Syria?