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Relevance of Social Justice

We are thrilled to share with you The Justice Project’s First Place Winner for our Writing Competition, from Larry Davidson.

Relevance of Social Justice
by Larry Davidson

THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Relevance of Social Justice

Larry Davidson with The Justice Project Strategy Advisor

What is the relevance of social justice? Some might believe there is equality in the justice system, people like me, who have experienced the injustices of the justice system; I do not see equality in the justice system. Unfortunately this is the reality of my life. The Bill of Rights guarantees all people equality, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. In my opinion, these rights have long been darkened, tarnished, and in some instances even forgotten. We only stand by its true defining meaning when we want it to serve “our” purpose.

My felonious activities caused me to fall from grace within the upper class. Fortunately, I was accepted into a lower class and with open arms. The poor/homeless do not have a lot of material things and at that point neither did I. I have found that it is better to look up at someone, than it is to look down on someone. I hope that I have not looked down upon someone that was less fortunate than I was in my journey in life.

The reality of social justice in most cases is based upon financial class levels or social class standings. The social injustice that the lower classes endure is certainly not a reflection of what the famous words in the Bill of Rights are supposed to project. The Social Justice Scale is definitely unbalanced and unequal. I ask, are we all equal? Does equality really exist and if so at what price?

When I think of class caste, I think of how, even the rich get looked down upon by the richer. It is a reality that the negative actions of the upper class are more accepted in today’s society. The legal/judicial system looks at the wealthy differently than the poor or the homeless. I say this from actual knowledge of being there and seeing the injustice that occurs in our social justice system, for the not so rich. A traditional saying in the legal system is the term “blind justice”. Should it be called “blind-unequal justice”? Justice to the poor means “just us”, because we cannot afford the quality of legal representation, as the rich. I have witnessed the poor and homeless look down upon their own, but not for what they have or do not have. Indicative to their character, but not their circumstances, it is about their unacceptable actions and how those actions affect others in their community or setting.

Social justice should not be based on what an individual has, or does not have. I believe the world would be a more positive place if social justice actually stood for equality for all. I say this as my walk today has changed from my past. In the past I have had more material things than I really needed. Yes, in the past I was quite a character. Now I have less materially, but today I am proud to say that I have character!