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Scaring Ourselves Silent of Opinion

In America, we have something extraordinarily valuable: freedom of speech. We have the right to speak openly about our opinions, debate them, write them and release them all over the internet. The best part about all of this is that lawmakers listen to our opinions, and we have a say in every bill that is passed in this country. I’m not naïve, I know that politics can be overruling and sometimes unfair, but we do  have a say.

So what are we saying? Why is it so quiet out there? The truth is; we don’t say much. We might have very strong opinions and discuss them with our friends who feel the same way. In fact, we might go on for hours ranting and raving with these friends of ours, but no one wants to have a conversation with the opposing side. No one wants to actually sit down and openly speak to the other side about how we can find a mutual compromise.  It’s sad that we shy away from debating our opinions when we’re almost the only ones who can afford to do so. It’s not something to be scared of, and it’s not something to take for granted. The Justice Project serves as a platform of open dialogue for every person who has something to say, I hope you take advantage of it, and I know that we will help thousands of people tell their stories in the years to come.

What would you share? What are your opinions that aren’t being heard? Share with us.