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State Moves Aid From Schools to Families

As if the funding for schools wasn’t bad enough as it is, state legislators are proposing and implementing a process that will make it even worse: taking money from the public school funding and giving to families instead. The idea is that families can use the money to take their children out of public schools and enroll them in the school that they believe to be best for their child; whether that be charter, religious, or online schooling. Indiana has signed this into effect, which will follow with Alabama, Arizona, and New Jersey. They’re calling this the “private schooling voucher”, and in many people’s eyes, it is the end of success for the public school system.

Proponents for the voucher say that it will help families take their kids out of failing public schools, and critics argue that by taking this money away from the schools it will ultimately result in further failure in the public school system. Funding for public schools has already been low, and they have been struggling as it is. Teachers are paid a low salary and many are forced to take on another job in order to survive. Classroom materials are limited and students are subjected to poorly maintained buildings with low security.

For years there has been crisis in the public school system, and many bills have been passed in the hopes of helping children succeed given their poor quality of education. However, there are scholarship funds, government financial aid, and programs that assist inner city kids in reaching their goals of attending higher quality schools. The education system in The United States needs plenty of help, but many people are unsure that this is the answer.

What would you do to assist children and families in this situation? Do you think that giving this money to families instead of the schools is the right way to go?
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