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Supporting Local Farms with Fairview Gardens

There are 313 million people who live in the United States, and less than 1% of them claim farming as their occupation. At the same time we are seeing a greater and greater disconnect between the food on our table and the food grown on our farms. But it isn’t just the adults who are removed from our food process, it is also the kids. There are large numbers of kids who do not know how a potato grows.

Enter Fairview Gardens, a twelve and a half acre neighborhood farm in the Goleta community.  Fairview Gardens works to create a sustainable world for future generations where knowing the source of food is common knowledge and being connected to nature is common practice.

Fairview Gardens builds critical connections between community, agriculture and education by:

  • Innovating and producing safe, organic, locally-grown foods in a sustainable manner
  • Serving as a community-based educational resource
  • Advocating for appropriately scaled, healthy food systems
  • Providing engaging, hands-on experience with farming

On any given day you can find kids running around Fairview Gardens learning how to grow kale, climbing in the mulberry tree, or learning about gathering eggs from the chickens. The kids are full of excitement if you ask them what they are up to, and they share with a yearning to bring you into the process. In a day and age where iPads are becoming the norm for children to use as a pass time, watching a child run up to you thrilled with the learning from a day on the farm has the freedom to create many life lessons.

Right now Fairview Gardens has been given an opportunity with a generous matching grant of $40,ooo from a local supporter. We at The Justice Project heard about this opportunity and were honored to help support:

Click here to help support Fairview Gardens.