What LA Teachers Tell Us About Rising Inequality

By Sam Pizzigati ~ ~  Back during the 1960s and 1970s, in cities, suburbs, and small towns across the United States, teacher strikes made headlines on a fairly regular basis. Teachers in those years had a variety of reasons for walking out. They struck for the right to bargain. They struck for decent pay and benefits. They struck for professional dignity. The teachers’ strike in Los Angeles, America’s second-largest…

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Can the Nation’s First Charter School Strike Transform the Industry?

By Candice Bernd ~ Truthout ~ For the first time, charter school teachers are striking. Over the past week, a strike at Chicago’s largest unionized charter network gained steam, with 15 schools serving Acero’s 7,500 predominantly Latino students remaining closed since Tuesday. This week’s strike is the first in the nation against a charter operator, and comes only days after Acero released a financial audit showing that the nonprofit currently…

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How Do You Get Better Schools? Take the State to Court, More Advocates Say

By Dana Goldstein~ New York Times By his own account, Alejandro Cruz-Guzman’s five children have received a good education at public schools in St. Paul. His two oldest daughters are starting careers in finance and teaching. Another daughter, a high-school student, plans to become a doctor. But their success, Mr. Cruz-Guzman said, flows partly from the fact that he and his wife fought for their children to attend racially integrated…

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