How global warming is adding to the health risks of poor people

By Abdul Rashid Thomas ~ The Sierra Leone Telegraph ~ The number of people dying due to climate-led changes in the environment are increasing and the poorest populations remain the hardest hit. Writing in, Lenore Manderson warns: “Developed economies are able to reduce environmental health risks through improved infrastructure, legal interventions and education. But the poorest populations, with the least political traction, remain vulnerable. Global warming simply adds to their health…

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Ten Grim Climate Scenarios If Global Temperatures Rise Above 1.5 Degrees Celsius

By Lorraine Chow ~ Truthout ~ If humankind carries on its business-as-usual approach to climate change, there’s a 93 percent chance we’re barreling toward a potentially catastrophic level of warming. The summer of 2018 was intense: deadly wildfires, persistent drought, killer floods and record-breaking heat. Although scientists exercise great care before linking individual weather events to climate change, the rise in global temperatures caused by human activities has been found…

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Can an unequal earth beat climate change?

By Sam Pizzigati ~ Nation of Change ~ “Addressing climate change effectively and justly requires us to transform the unjust social and economic systems that gave us climate change in the first place.” We either keep fossil fuels in the ground, or all of us are going to fry. So essentially posits still another new blockbuster study on climate change, this one just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.…

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Heat waves: climate change and immigration

By Chris Fitch ~ Geographical ~ Those concerned with external asylum applications to the EU might want to focus on reducing the impacts of climate change The first 14 years of this century saw an average of 351,000 asylum applications to the EU annually, a challenge to which the bloc has struggled to produce a unified collective response. Instead, walls have risen around countries such as Hungary, democratic backlashes have…

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A warming world is unhealthy for everyone

By Marco Magrini ~ Geographical ~  Marco Magrini finds that a warming world also means a more unhealthy one, not just for the planet itself, but for those of us living on it What’s bad for the planet is usually bad for human health. In other words, the current warming trends don’t spell good news for the well-being of our species… or for many others. There are exceptions. Insects will thrive…

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The U.S. Government Tried to Stop These Kids’ Lawsuit Over Climate Change. It Didn’t Work

By Annie Reneau ~ Upworthy ~ Since 2015, 21 young people aged 8 to 20 have been engaged in Juliana v. the United States, a lawsuit over climate change. The plaintiffs argue that the federal government has not taken sufficient action to battle catastrophic climate change and that the dire future of the planet infringes on their constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They contend that…

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Climate Change and Vulnerable Communities — Let’s Talk About This Hot Mess.

By Talia Buford ~ ProPublica ~ In my first episode of this PBS Digital Studios show, I dissect why minorities and disadvantaged people will face bigger consequences in a warming world. Climate change will impact us all, no matter who we are or where we live. But that doesn’t mean it will hit us equally. Climate change may not discriminate, but people do. As a reporter at ProPublica, my focus…

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How Young Activists Hope to Make Climate Change a Political Priority

By Amy Sisk ~ StateImpact Pennsylvania Standing in the middle of a grassy field just outside Pittsburgh, Anaïs Peterson recalled the years she spent playing soccer here. “That’s the goal you always want,” she said, nodding to the east. A mile beyond that goalpost in Indiana Township lies a natural gas well pad that didn’t exist during her soccer days. “It’s like 2 miles from two schools, a daycare, a…

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