Inequity is THE Problem in Education

By The Hewlett Foundation ~ Deeper Learning. Linked Learning. Blended Learning. Personalized Learning. Student-centered Learning. Project-based learning. Social and emotional learning. And the list goes on (and on). There are literally hundreds of education initiatives—and an equal number of philanthropic strategies—designed to improve our education system. In my time as fellow at the Hewlett Foundation, I have come to realize the importance of putting equity first, ahead of any other…

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Free College Tuition Is Nice, But How About Food?

By Sydney Worth ~ Yes! ~  Some schools are looking to helping students meet much more basic needs. When Michelle Nielsen, 46, decided to return to school at Houston Community College to become a pastry chef, she quickly discovered that she had no room in her budget for food. Even with financial aid covering her tuition and a work-study program to help with rent, Nielsen knew she wouldn’t be able…

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Indianapolis’ new idea to get kids through college: Stop small stumbles from becoming big barriers

By Stephanie Wang ~ Chalkbeat ~ To reach the city of Indianapolis’ lofty goal of giving every resident access to college, it’s going to take more than money. It’s going to take a lot of nudging. Educators know that many students are capable of college coursework and could qualify for financial aid — but too many of them are failing at the logistics of getting into college and sticking with…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Limits on Education Widen with Online Classes

Limits on Education Widen as Online Programs Grow

The large amount of free online classes introduced on college campuses have given educators a new incentive to create an easier platform for students to complete their education on time. Many students arrive on campus with significant remedial work to be done before they can begin regular credit-earning classes. This can lead to a large amount of tuition fees, and essentially, more debt for the student. The availability of free…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Education vs. Lecturing Don’t lecture me

Education vs. Lecturing; Don’t lecture me.

In the society we live in today, a four year degree from a college or university is almost necessary to obtain a decent job. Financial aid and scholarships are provided for many students to make their way through their education (although that area still needs some serious work) and at the end of the whole experience the students get a degree, a college experience, and a fair share of loans…

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