Austin’s Fix for Homelessness: Tiny Houses, and Lots of Neighbors

By Megan Kimble ~ Citylab ~ Community First! Village’s model for ending homelessness emphasizes the stabilizing power of social connections. There are a lot of things that Richard Devore likes about the 250-square-foot tiny home he’s lived since early last year. He loves the wood cabinets in his house, the sprawling oak trees providing shade outside, the goats roaming in the pasture nearby. But most of all, he loves “the…

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“The Price on Everything Is Love”: How a Detroit Community Overcomes a Lack of City Services

By Kevon Paynter ~ Yes! Magazine ~ A range of neighbor-to-neighbor efforts address basic needs, from healthcare to food access, that are going unmet by local government agencies. A multitude of voicemails and text messages from desperate neighbors flooded Jessica Ramirez’s cell phone on a brisk morning in October 2013. Winter was coming. Using social media to reach potential donors as well as those seeking help, Ramirez created a makeshift…

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