The diversity gap for public school teachers is actually growing across generations

By Michael Hansen & Diana Quintero ~ Brookings ~ The public teacher workforce has been slowly growing more racially diverse over the last three decades. A notable study from Richard Ingersoll and Lisa Merrill finds the number of teachers of color more than doubled between 1987 and 2012, resulting in the share of nonwhite teachers in America’s public schools expanding from 12 to 17 percent over that same period. More current survey results from…

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Watch a high schooler’s fiery speech about reading more black and brown authors

By Cassie Walker Burke ~ Chalkbeat ~  Ivery Marquez is a senior at Friedrich Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center who is passionate about seeing more black and brown authors, such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Alice Walker, on her reading list.  “What I’ve realized is that there is a lack of diversity, and culture, and discussion when it comes to high school literature,” she said. As for what she’d do…

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How Do You Get Better Schools? Take the State to Court, More Advocates Say

By Dana Goldstein~ New York Times By his own account, Alejandro Cruz-Guzman’s five children have received a good education at public schools in St. Paul. His two oldest daughters are starting careers in finance and teaching. Another daughter, a high-school student, plans to become a doctor. But their success, Mr. Cruz-Guzman said, flows partly from the fact that he and his wife fought for their children to attend racially integrated…

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Sex and gender diversity is growing across the US

By Georgiann Davis ~ The Conversation ~ This week, Christine Hallquist, a transgender woman from Vermont, made history as the first openly trans person to ever win the nomination of a major political party for governor. Sex and gender diverse people were once only able to be their authentic selves in gay and lesbian spaces. Today, from Danica Roem in Virginia to Betsy Driver in New Jersey to Hallquist in…

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