Energy burden: Why the poor pay more for electricity

By Sara Peach ~ Yale Climate Connections ~  Americans commonly spend three or four percent of their income on energy bills. But in many low-income communities, that number is higher. Smith: “In Atlanta, for example, you have some people paying over eleven percent of their income on utility bills, and if you add that to the transportation costs, housing costs, food costs – nothing is left over in many of…

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Winter Is Coming, and Fuel Costs Will Hit the Poor the Hardest

By S.E Smith – Talk Poverty ~ Winter is coming, and it’s going to be colder for some than others. “Starting junior year,” recalls Alexis Stewart, a West Virginia-based writer and musician, “my mom said we couldn’t afford heat and I had to ‘suck it up.’ I don’t know if we didn’t qualify for [the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program] those years or if the funding ran out before…

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