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How we can make energy more affordable for low income families

By DeAndrea Salvador ~ TED ~ Every month, millions of Americans face an impossible choice: pay for energy to power their homes, or pay for basic needs like food and medicine. TED Fellow DeAndrea Salvador is working to reduce energy costs so that no one has to make this kind of decision. In this quick talk, she shares her plan to help low-income families reduce their bills while also building…

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Green Upgrade: How California Is Pioneering ‘Energy Justice’

By Patricia Leigh Brown ~ Yale Environment 360 ~ California has the world’s fourth largest greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program, which raises billions of dollars for the state. An innovative project is directing some of that revenue to bringing renewable power and energy efficiency to some of the state’s most disadvantaged communities. Diana Guzman, a 30-year-old widow, works in a peach packing plant in California’s Central Valley. She lives with her…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | World Water and Energy Day

World Water and Energy Day

Today is World Water and Energy Day! Water and energy are closely interlinked and interdependent. Energy generation and transmission requires utilization of water resources, particularly for hydroelectric, nuclear, and thermal energy sources. Conversely, about 8% of the global energy generation is used for pumping, treating and transporting water to various consumers. In 2014, the UN System – working closely with its Member States and other relevant stakeholders – is collectively…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Paul Paz y Miño is Fighting for Unethical Energy Drilling

Paul Paz y Miño is Fighting for Unethical Energy Drilling

Many times we tend to think of environmental issues as local, but there are many battles being fought throughout our world for the environment. Here is a story about a cause leader in Peru fighting against unethical energy drilling in an article from Causes: Cause Leader Paul Paz y Miño and the Achuar Community of Peru Posted May 18, 2012 by Alejandro De La Cruz The Achuar traveled to Canada last…

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