This City Made Access to Food a Right of Citizenship

By Frances Moore Lappe ~ Yes! Magazine A city in Brazil recruited local farmers to help do something U.S. cities have yet to do: End hunger. “To search for solutions to hunger means to act within the principle that the status of a citizen surpasses that of a mere consumer.” CITY OF BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL   In writing Diet for a Small Planet, I learned one simple truth: Hunger is not…

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Excess Food, Which Normally Gets Thrown Out, Helps To Feed Hungry In Santa Barbara County

By Debra Greene ~ KCLU ~ Food that would normally be thrown out is now feeding the hungry in Santa Barbara County. Restaurants, supermarkets and caterers routinely dump their excess prepared food. But instead of filling up landfills with healthy, uneaten food, the Community Environmental Council came up with an idea. “It just seems wrong to send edible food to waste. Instead, we could be giving it to people who…

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