Twelve charts that show how policy could reduce inequality—but is making it worse instead

By Economic Policy Institute With the unemployment rate at 4 percent or below for eight consecutive months, 2018 appears to be the year when the economy finally became healthy again. But while low unemployment is good news, it doesn’t tell the whole story of how typical families are faring in the current economy. As the economy normalizes following a long, slow recovery from the Great Recession, we are quickly resuming…

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Confronting Climate Change in a Deeply Unequal World

By Sam Pizzigati ~ ~ Two meticulously sourced — and deeply disturbing — warnings about our shared global future have appeared over the past week. One has terrified much of the world. The other hasn’t, not yet at least, but most certainly should. You’ve most likely already encountered the first of these warnings, a grim report from the United Nations  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a broad and distinguished…

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Climate Change and Vulnerable Communities — Let’s Talk About This Hot Mess.

By Talia Buford ~ ProPublica ~ In my first episode of this PBS Digital Studios show, I dissect why minorities and disadvantaged people will face bigger consequences in a warming world. Climate change will impact us all, no matter who we are or where we live. But that doesn’t mean it will hit us equally. Climate change may not discriminate, but people do. As a reporter at ProPublica, my focus…

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How Rising Inequality is Stalling Economies by Crippling Demand

By Stephen Bell ~ The Conversation Rising inequality is a concern across the developed economies, including Australia where top earners’ pay has soared to a 17-year high while ordinary workers’ wage growth has been the lowest on record. And that’s ultimately bad news for economic growth. This is longer than the usual Conversation article, so allow some time to read and enjoy. ________________________________________ In the last decade or more, economic…

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