How To Create An Inclusive Environment For LGBTQ Employees

By Janice Gassam ~ Forbes ~ The average full-time American works 47 hours per week, with approximately 90,000 hours of an individual’s life spent at work. With such a huge portion of our lives dedicated to our jobs, it is of ever-increasing importance that work is a place where we feel comfortable. Estimates indicate that approximately 46% of LGBTQ employees have not disclosed their LGBTQ identity to their employers. According…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Justice and the LGBTQ Youth

Justice and the LGBTQ Youth

“The Justice Project is committed to seeking justice for children who do not have a home through no fault of their own. Like the LGBTQ youth described below, LGBTQ foster youth find it difficult to live freely within their own gender identity and sexual orientation. When adults cannot accept youth for who they are, it opens a pipeline from home to homelessness.” – Noah benShea, Executive Director – The Justice…

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