Growing Up in Poverty Affects the Brain Differently Than We Thought

By Erica  Sanchez & Leah Rodriguez ~ Global Citizen ~  A new study shows socioeconomic status changes cognitive functioning on several levels. A child who grows up in a low-income household could have a worse memory after the age of 50, the Atlantic reports. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal published a new study on the correlation between socioeconomic status and health. Researchers looked at a database…

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Later school starts linked to better teen grades

By Silke Schmidt ~ ScienceNews for Students ~ Low-income students also may find it easier to get to school, the new data show If you think school starts too early in the day, you’re not alone. Experts have long argued for later start times in middle and high school. A new study used activity trackers worn on the wrist to see how such a delay affected kids in a real school.…

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How we can make energy more affordable for low income families

By DeAndrea Salvador ~ TED ~ Every month, millions of Americans face an impossible choice: pay for energy to power their homes, or pay for basic needs like food and medicine. TED Fellow DeAndrea Salvador is working to reduce energy costs so that no one has to make this kind of decision. In this quick talk, she shares her plan to help low-income families reduce their bills while also building…

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