Homeless America

By Chris Hedges ~ TruthDig ~ PORTLAND, Ore.—It is 8 a.m. I am in the small offices of Street Roots, a weekly newspaper that prints 10,000 copies per edition. Those who sell the newspaper on the streets—all of them victims of extreme poverty and half of them homeless—have gathered before heading out with their bundles to spend hours in the cold and rain. “There is foot care on Mondays starting…

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What if urban planners treated green space like a drug?

By Sarah DeWeerdt ~ Anthropocene ~ Turning derelict vacant lots into pocket parks is associated with reduced feelings of depression and worthlessness among people living nearby, according to a new study conducted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The study is the latest entry in a growing body of research documenting the mental health benefits of urban green space. Previous research has found that vacant lots, trash, and lack of greenery can contribute…

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