Why wealth equality remains out of reach for black Americans

By Darrick Hamilton & Trevon Logan ~ The Conversation ~  Black History Month has become the time to reflect on all the progress black Americans have made, but the sobering reality is that when it comes to wealth – the paramount indicator of economic security – there has been virtually no progress in the last 50 years. Based on data from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finance, the typical black…

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A Dream Deferred: MLK’S Dream of Economic Justice is Far From Reality

By Jessica Pierre ~ Other Words ~ 90 years after King was born, the racial wealth divide is actually growing — which drags down the entire economy. January 15th marked what would’ve been Dr. Martin Luther King’s 90th birthday. Most known for his famous “I Have Dream Speech,” King envisioned a future in which deep racial inequalities — including deep economic inequality — were eradicated. He worked tirelessly towards that mission.…

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