Nonviolent resistance proves potent weapon

By Michelle Nicholasen ~ Weatherhead Center Communications ~ The Harvard Gazette ~ Erica Chenoweth discovers it is more successful in effecting change than violent campaigns Recent research suggests that nonviolent civil resistance is far more successful in creating broad-based change than violent campaigns are, a somewhat surprising finding with a story behind it. When Erica Chenoweth started her predoctoral fellowship at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs in 2006, she…

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5 Ways New Movement Leaders Are Effecting Change

By Michael Silberman ~ yes! ~ Seasoned campaigners have long understood that the most effective messengers and organizers are those with the most at stake, or—like the Parkland students—little to lose. Those most directly affected by an issue can speak from the heart, while many campaigners and advocates sound scripted when they cite statistics or the latest study to make their points. Soon after taking the stage at the March…

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