The diversity gap for public school teachers is actually growing across generations

By Michael Hansen & Diana Quintero ~ Brookings ~ The public teacher workforce has been slowly growing more racially diverse over the last three decades. A notable study from Richard Ingersoll and Lisa Merrill finds the number of teachers of color more than doubled between 1987 and 2012, resulting in the share of nonwhite teachers in America’s public schools expanding from 12 to 17 percent over that same period. More current survey results from…

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What LA Teachers Tell Us About Rising Inequality

By Sam Pizzigati ~ ~  Back during the 1960s and 1970s, in cities, suburbs, and small towns across the United States, teacher strikes made headlines on a fairly regular basis. Teachers in those years had a variety of reasons for walking out. They struck for the right to bargain. They struck for decent pay and benefits. They struck for professional dignity. The teachers’ strike in Los Angeles, America’s second-largest…

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Poor Marks for Teachers in Midterms

By Lauren Camera ~ US News ~  Unrest among teachers may have spurred more to run, but it didn’t lead to widespread victories. The 2018 midterm election came on the heels of widespread teacher unrest that, in part, prompted thousands of educators to run for office. But as results rolled in Tuesday night, spilling into Wednesday and Thursday, it was clear voters ultimately didn’t propel a wave of teachers into…

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Every kid needs a champion

By Rita Pierson ~ TED Talks Education ~  Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, “They don’t pay me to like the kids.” Her response: “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.’” A rousing call to educators to believe in their students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level. Watch video @ Ted

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Limits on Education Widen with Online Classes

Limits on Education Widen as Online Programs Grow

The large amount of free online classes introduced on college campuses have given educators a new incentive to create an easier platform for students to complete their education on time. Many students arrive on campus with significant remedial work to be done before they can begin regular credit-earning classes. This can lead to a large amount of tuition fees, and essentially, more debt for the student. The availability of free…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Education and The Creative Squash

Education and The Creative Squash

My older sister went to college for four years, made friends, studied and worked hard, then graduated. She maintained excellent grades throughout all four years, and graduated with honors. When she returned home, she could not find a job for months. Many of her college friends still don’t have jobs. She was a singer and songwriter, and now she’s an admissions counselor. She still sings and writes amazing music, but…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | New York City's Education: No Longer Looking Quite So Bleak

New York City’s Education: No Longer Looking Quite So Bleak

Remember that blog post from January concerning how the Bloomberg administration lost New York City hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal Aid for Education? Well, it seems to have all worked out! Legislative leaders were quoted on Monday saying that they had reached an agreement to help New York City and its teachers’ union settle on an evaluation system, finally. Under this new agreement, they have until May 29th…

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THE JUSTICE PROJECT | Blog | Education vs. Lecturing Don’t lecture me

Education vs. Lecturing; Don’t lecture me.

In the society we live in today, a four year degree from a college or university is almost necessary to obtain a decent job. Financial aid and scholarships are provided for many students to make their way through their education (although that area still needs some serious work) and at the end of the whole experience the students get a degree, a college experience, and a fair share of loans…

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