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The Electric Car; why is it not happening?

Our cars say a lot about who we are, especially since they are one of the biggest ways that we affect our environment on a daily basis. Since the revolution of the Prius, Americans have begun to change the way they look at their vehicles, and are going with the “greener” choice. However, these cars can be quite expensive. The most affordable electric car on the market right now is the Mitsubishi MiEV at $21,625 MSRP. Personally, I think we can do better than that. After all, we’ve been making electric cars since the very beginning.

The first vehicles ever created were electric (no, electric cars are not new technology). In 1828, a Hungarian released a small-scale electric car and it went on from there. All cars were battery powered, and some even reached 68 mph! Of course, the discovery of oil in Texas changed everything and started our downhill spiral to now being stuck with outrageous gas prices and $50,000 Prius’. So why is it so difficult to produce these vehicles now? Why are car manufacturers getting “stuck” in the gas-guzzling trend? Politically, there’s a lot involved with the relationship between America and oil, but is that really what’s stopping us from making the switch to electric?

As a country, we need to leave oil behind and focus on the bigger picture. Every engine that’s started for the morning commute, to drop the kids off at school, to do the grocery shopping; it all adds up, and manufacturers are realizing this. Every day we move closer and closer to switching to electric, and it’s apparent that the country wants to.




So, what’s stopping us from making the change from gas to electric? How can we prove that we want this, and make it happen?