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The Fiscal Deal Affecting Economic Justice

Some very important decisions had to be made a week ago by lawmakers as America tiptoed its way towards (and off) the fiscal cliff. The final deal reached by President Obama and congressional Republicans was supposed to keep the middle class steady, raising marginal income tax rates for individuals making more than $400,000 a year. However, what is most revealing about the deal is the tax raise on 77% of Americans and the billions in tax breaks for politician’s corporate patrons. You could say economic justice is a bit at risk.

Of course we’re all going to wonder why this is happening, how can our government so easily reach into our pockets without thinking twice or even showing the slightest bit of regret? The reason that we are seeing a raise is because lawmakers decided not to fight to extend the payroll tax holiday signed into law by President Obama two years ago, which cut workers’ payroll tax by 2% and actually helped the lower and middle class.  So we were doing okay, and now…not so much.

The tax raises that we are destined to see in 2013 will be serious, as there is a lot to pay for, but isn’t there anything we can do to stay on a steady road to progress? The last eight years in America have been troubling, but it’s 2013 now and this country has the chance to come back. As advocates for our social and economic justice, we need to stay educated and keep our voices strong. Congress won’t listen if we’re not talking, so now is the time to speak up.

Looking into the taxes that have been put in place, how will you use your voice to bring economic justice to your household? What do you agree and disagree with in this deal?