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When We Change The World Changes

Shortly after Obama’s first election victory, I saw a homeless guy with a tin cup and a sign that read: “I’m also looking for change.”

Whether we’re looking for change or not, change is the only constant, and while all of us are subject to our own mortality this is a headline on a newspaper we are often inclined not to read.

Many of us feel that our ability to influence the nature of change in the world is beyond us, and throw up our hands. Unfortunately, our resignation to our inability to influence change influences change.

At THE JUSTICE PROJECT we note the difference between the change of making a difference and making a just difference.

What’s worth noting is making this change in one’s own life can make all the difference in the lives of others. When we change, the world does. All change influences all change.

We are on the cusp of a new year. The holiday season gallops on a tinsel covered horse distracting us and suspending us in the season until the melancholy of singing Auld Lang Syne. And in this song, we can see forward and backward through a veil of tears that is both sad and warming.

Perhaps we might think to make this season a preamble to making a just difference in our lives. In doing this for ourselves we will do it for others. That’s just the way things work. Make it a labor of love.

Peace and blessings,


Noah benShea
Executive Director, THE JUSTICE PROJECT