Why U Matter

Why U Matter

Life is a busy business but every time the phone rings, you can’t be sure it is for you. And even those who believe they have a calling need to be sure the call is for them. Today I am writing you about a calling for which there can be no doubt. That call is from Healing Learning, a Social Purpose Corporation. And that call echoes The Justice Project’s commitment to make a just difference in an unjust world.

The injustice we see is this: too many children do not perceive a path to a productive future. And if they can’t see it, they can’t achieve it.  The result: the corrosive repeat generations suffering unemployment, abuse, addiction, and incarceration. It’s an moral and expensive waste of human potential.

But at The Justice Project we passionately believe in changing that story line. And, by combining the best technology with the best psycho-social science, Healing Learning will be a transformational game-changer on behalf of vulnerable youth.  Our technologically-enabled solution is called U Matter™, a Game That Is No Game.

And because every story has a back story, here is the back story in the translation of unarmed truth:

“What the Healing Learning guys seem to have figured out is how to turn smart phones into engaging, proven, psycho-therapeutic tools to make our vulnerable populations healthier, more resilient, and more successful. Now, instead of telling kids with no future to get off their phones, with U Matter™ they can use their phones to raise self-esteem, life outcomes, and save society a ton of money.

If you want to know if this really works, the approach has already been tested with tens of thousands of people, and found to be an extremely effective, very low cost, and readily available tool to help individuals solve their internal problems and improve their lives. The HEALING LEARNING guys – with a long history of caring and experienced service – hold an exclusive license to use this technology and science for the “at risk/vulnerable” market sector.

Full disclosure, “the HEALING LEARNING guys” are myself, Michael Piraino (Senior Strategic Advisor to The Justice Project), and Dr. Roger Gould. My title is Chief Visionary Officer, which is interesting considering how many pairs of reading glasses I lose every month. Michael, my friend and co-founder is Chief Re-Imaingation Officer which means he is a genius a translating abstracts into concrete actionables. And Dr. Gould is Chief Scientific Advisor which affirms what his work has proven that he is just a straight ahead genius. And a good guy.

The Justice Project is proud to be an ally in Healing Learning efforts. But we are not alone, and we are counting on you because just like the vulnerable population.

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My friends, we all count and count on each other.  Please take a look, stay tuned, and blessings on caring.

Noah benShea

Executive Director, The Justice Project.